About Us

ACROPATS® are small figures which build into all sorts of patterns, shapes and situations. They are great as a bath toy - they float, stick to the walls and don't get mouldy. Made in the UK, the Acropats are soft underfoot and safe for children aged 3 and over, they are great fun for adults too! You can follow instructions to build different shapes and patterns or strike out on your own and create your own ACROPATS’® world. Let loose your “love to try”.

"The children loved the bright colours, and using their imaginations to create bracelets, animals, boats and more! We like how easy the Acropats are for children to play with; younger children can stick them to the wall in the bath or watch them float about, while older children can build with them. Fitting the pieces together can help children develop logical thinking skills and practice fine motor control. You can also use the coloured pieces to demonstrate patterns and help your child become familiar with colours." (Review from Fundamentally Children - an organisation dedicated to helping children develop skills through play).




"My children aged 7 and 4 love playing with the Acropats in the bath every day, they make pictures on the tiles, role play with them as 'little people', make floating shapes and buildings. We've had them for over 2 years and they haven't gone mouldy - they are great!" (Anna, London)

"A wonderful way to stimulate the creative mind - we love building huge towers and knocking them down. Because they are soft, they don't hurt if you step on them" (Richard, Bristol)

"It's so good to find a bath toy that appeals to the imagination, that is educational and fun and is easy to keep clean." (Sarah, Sheffield)



We want children and adults to enjoy playing with ACROPATS® but to make certain the play is safe we draw your attention to the warnings placed on the plastic packaging, and the printed instructions the ACROPATS® come with. They are not recommended for children under 3, and should be thrown away if they become damaged or torn. 

Made in Kent, UK, from high quality foam produced by a specialist company in London the ACROPATS® are very much made and designed in the UK with 3 factories, including the one making the packaging, all certified to ISO9001 for quality and the foam manufacturer to ISO 14001 for environmental management.